Seduction Skincare is a division of Seduction Cosmetic Center, the biggest plastic surgery and rejuvenation center in the United States. The brand was created after years of exploring the market and looking for skincare systems that could be recommended to our clients after surgery or facial procedures to maintain skin health and healing. Followed by several failed attempts to use third party products we embarqued on a journey to create our own brand, with a combination of the purest natural ingredients, smart chemistry and the scientific knowledge of our plastic surgeons, we gave birth to Seduction Skincare, a system that benefits not only the skin but also has a positive impact in your general well being.


Seduction Skincare is devoted to creating high quality and effective products that make a contribution to our clients lifes by positively enhancing not only their skin, but also their general well being. We use the purest ingredients in the industry and work only with providers that share our philosophy and high standards in raw material sourcing and manufaturing.


We buy our raw materials and ingredients from certified organic and natural sources

​We do not use chemical preservatives

​We do not use fillers

​No GMO ingredients

​No synthetic fragrances

​No animal byproducts

​No animal testing

​Ethically sourced

​Our products are handled by us to ensure highest quality control

​We use glass bottles to protect our ingredients and avoid any plastic residues from leaching into the formulas


It is our philosophy that in order to continue growing exponentially as an organization, it is imperative to make contributions to the community that supported you in your journey to success, it is not only the correct thing to do but also the key to becoming a social platform in which people can find support for their needs in the services and products that your company offers.

With this idea in mind, Seduction Cosmetic center created the "Beauty and Hope Foundation", an organization dedicated to helping kids and idividuals with facial deformities such as cleft lips and other issues.

For more information on our mission, please visit the foundation site.